Wemindji Properties, Inc.

We Mind Judicious Investments


Wemindji Properties, Inc. is a real estate investment company that specializes in the acquisition, stabilization, and optimization of high cash-flowing real estate - achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns for its partners and investors.

What We Do

The focus is on HIGH CASHFLOW assets mainly in the states of Ohio and Michigan. Investments include residential properties (1-4 units), apartment buildings (5+ units), and manufactured home communities (50+ lots). MASSIVE VALUE is created by first, sourcing high quality (off-market) deals that can be bought well below market value. Then, by improving operations, optimizing asset management, and delivering targeted value-add initiatives, we unlock the asset's TRUE VALUE. All this is made possible by high quality strategic partnerships. _______________ It is thanks to their network of investors and partners, people just like you, that Wemindji Properties, Inc. continuously possess the liquidity to purchase the very best deals available. Reach out to learn more on how you can become a partner today!

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