The POP! "Power of Property"

1) Starting from Scratch

NO REAL SUCCESS HAPPENS OVERNIGHT! While there are uncountable blogs/websites to help you become a better investor, getting professional mentorship/coaching will increase your chances of success in the real world. But chose your mentor wisely ... they are not all created equal! To be successful, you MUST immerse yourself in your industry. Otherwise, how do you expect to become an expert in your field? You know what they say... a reputation takes a life-time to build but 5 minutes to destroy! Put thought into your business BEFORE buying that first property and make a plan. Establish your investing criteria and stick to it! Finally, build teams around you that will help bring your vision to fruition!

2) The Relationship Between Money & Freedom

"AFFORD ANYTHING" is a movement against the commonly accepted notion that you should shackle yourself to a J.O.B. for 40 + years, buy liabilities on credit, and congratulate yourself if you save 5% of each pay for retirement at 65. Ugh... This movement is based on the radical idea that: "You can afford anything … just not everything". It’s insane to trade time for money, only to trade that money for liabilities. No one should ever need to “submit a request” to human resources to spend a day as they please. Your money should work for you — not the other way around! What's your plan for a better financial future?

3) Residential Real Estate Investing

Any seasoned investor will tell you that having a "MASTER INVESTMENT PLAN" (aka. Chief Definite Aim in the word of Napolean Hill) is a necessary part of success. The next logical question is: How do I make one? In order to make a solid real estate investment strategy, you’ll need to do your research and put a lot of thought into your venture - BEFORE starting to invest. We have created a FREE downloadable e-book to help you get started today. It has a lot of valuable information. Scroll down, type in your name and email address and VOILA! Download the e-book and enjoy!

4) Thinking Big but Starting Small

DON'T RELY ON YOUR BOSS FOR 100% OF YOUR INCOME - THAT'S RISKY! It's okay to start small. After all, there are certain "rights of passage" every aspiring investor must take before reaching the top. Do you believe in multiple streams of income?

5) Multifamily Apartment Real Estate Investing

STEP IT UP! After single family residences (SFRs), you may want to explore multi-family assets as the next "logical" step. Be sure to ALWAYS verify your assets' cashflow AS WELL AS its potential for value-add. You don't have to do this alone. Have you considered a strategic partnership to achieve your goals? Ask us how.

6) Mobile Home Park Investing

FIND YOUR NICHE! We love Mobile Home Parks - A Recession Proof Asset! Affordable Housing is a beautifully rewarding market segment. Lower Maintenance Costs and Overall Higher Yield Ratios - The Power, The Privilege, but also The Responsibility to impact entire communities! Did you know MHPs are the least defaulted mortgaged asset class?

7) CAP Rate and Why it is Important?

THE POWER OF COMPOUND INTEREST! When looking to invest, it is important to know - with absolute certainty - what is your minimum acceptable investment ROI (Return on Investment). The "Rule of 72" tells us that an investment at 12% will double every 6 years while an investment at 4% will double every 18 years. Thus, over a period of 36 years, a 12% investment is 16 TIMES BETTER than an investment at 4%!