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You probably already know how few reliable ways there are to make a good, secured (this is important!) return on your money.  Perhaps you’re tired of watching your savings sit idle in a money-market account, earning you a fraction of a %.  Or maybe you’ve struggled with the wild and often irrational swings in the stock market, sending your 401k on a rollercoaster ride that would give even the most experienced ride-junkie motion sickness.  

Or maybe you’ve already tried your hand at real estate investing yourself and found the process to be too labor-intensive and time-consuming to handle on your own. 

So that brings you (and us) to private lending, a process where you lend money to an individual or a company either for short term or long-term use to buy income-producing property.  

If you’ve participated in this type of lending before, then you probably know how powerful this can be. You get to make money from a profitable real estate deal without any of the headaches typically associated with it:  locating, negotiating, buying, rehabbi ng, renting (and tenants), selling, etc. 

But, like all good things, this process has rules and there are certain elements you need to make sure to look for and do to protect yourself and your money. 

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